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This page will describe cookies used and their purpose.

Google analytics

We use Google Analytics to enhance the user experience by collecting statistics about how users interact with out website.
Google Analytics places 2 types of cookies: (a) an persisting cookie that tracks if the user is a recurrent user, which country the user access the site from, which search engine is used, keywords, etc., (b) sessioncookies that is used to track at what time the user access the site and how long they stay. Session Cookies expire after each session, which means as soon as you close the tap or the browser, it will be deleted. Google does not associate any personaldata with your IP address.

Read more about Google Analytics Cookie Usage via this link:

You can opt-out of cookies from Google Analytics by following this link:


We use hotjar to collect user feedback. This cookie is only set if you choose to send in feedback to us. The cookie is only used for hotjar to detect if an feedback has been given and therefor minimize the feedback widget if the user navigate through pages.

To opt-out of Hotjar, please visit their opt-out site at:

Social Media buttons

Facebook and Twitter each set cookies, if you have logged into your social media account either on this site or any other. They each use this information to provide you with a personalized experience on this site and on their own pages. Facebook and Twitter does not sell or share this information to advertisers or any other third-party without your consent.

Deleting Cookies

It is possible to delete all cookies from all major browsers. Follow these links for guides on how to delete cookies from your browser:

Browser Link
Internet Explorer